You’re not dreaming, if you’re not dreaming Big.

One of my goals this year is to share and give more. I like to say I’m good at lending a hand here and there and listening. I will always be there for anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on, who needs a hug, or who needs to vent, or who wants to have a simple conversation.

I’ve been feeling helpless the past few years, watching people that I care for so much in my life come and go and continuously spiral out of control. To be honest, its torn me apart. I want to start feeling like I am impacting peoples lives for the better. I’ve been following one of my idols in Olympic Weightlifting Hidilyn Diaz. She represents the Philippines and is in the women’s 53kg class. She is a two time Olympian, the 2015 Asian Champion, and the Southeast Asian Champion. I posted a video from Youtube of my inspiration lifting numbers that even guys can’t dream of!



Hidilyn’s (Haidie’s) work with the younger kids in perfecting their technique, turning them into champions, and being a role model to the young hopefuls is noting but inspiring. I want to do the same. I want to give back and make people happy and proud of themselves. Self image is so important. It can truly determine which path you take in life.

Check out this young girl’s technique. It is absolutely beautiful!


These kids have the coach to get them to where they want to go, but they will also need the gear to get them going. There is a link below of Haidie’s instagram.


Some of you may ask why? These kids are on the other side of the world etc… We as a first world country are equipped with so much to enable and foster environments of physical and mental growth for kids. Many nations struggle to acquire and to maintain this. If we have the ability to create positive impact, then why not? If we have the ability to enable the growth of future world champions, then why not? If we have the ability to share and display empathy and sympathy, then why not. This is how we grow as individuals and to create a positive footprint for ourselves.


I consider this a big dream of mine. I want to help out in any way I can and send gear over to these brilliant and talented kids. I will be creating a GoFundMe page (with much more information) to see what we as a general public can come up with to contribute to the kids success. Olympic Weightlifting shoes, lifting straps, belts, and even plates, and maybe some bars are what I would like to hopefully send to Haidie’s kids in the Philippines. I’ve been telling myself lately, you aren’t dreaming at all, if you’re not dreaming big! #BeautifulTough