Why I lift.

I love the feeling of feeling and being strong. Nothing feels more empowering than picking up heavy weights and throwing them over your head. It feels surreal. Growing up I sneered at people that were into fitness. Picking up a dumbbell or barbell was the last thing I ever thought I would do.

Growing up as a dancer, the mentality of having a small, petite, elegant looking frame was what a girl/woman should look like. I admired the Olsen Twins for their emaciated figures. I always wanted to look that thin as I thought that was what dancers looked and should look like. There were some days I would just eat an apple and a drink cups of black coffee to maintain a petite frame. Unfortunately (luckily now) I never got to that physique. To be honest, I loved food too much. I always looked healthy and for the most part was healthy. 

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I knew that ballet wasn’t for me and could not see myself pursuing this as a career. After ballet, I lived a sedentary lifestyle. I smoked cigarettes, took ephedrines, worked graveyard shifts while going to University full-time and lived a very unhealthy and unsafe lifestyle overall for about five years. When I moved to Vancouver that’s when things changed. There really is a different vibe here. People seem healthier, look healthier, and probably are healthier. It took a year of convincing for me to join Crossfit. I was still snickering at healthy people. The very first intro session I did, I was hooked and haven’t looked back. 

I always thought Crossfit was to be honest a “big girl” sport. Being only 5″0 tall and weighing 110lbs I thought it was impossible. Wrong!! Through consistent training and dedication to this sport I have proven to myself that I can be in the same category as the top girls in my gym. 

I have so much appreciation to be lifting with such strong women. I am inspired every time I hit the gym. Being a smaller person and lifting the same weights as my friends I realized that competitive Olympic Weightlifting would better suit me. I have taken it seriously for the past six months or so. I love the technicality of this sport. I consider myself to be somewhat of a perfectionist. This is what makes if fun. Perfecting lifts that can never reach perfection. Being a perfectionist nothing is ever perfect. The process in obtaining perfection is what I like. 

These next few months are going to be so much fun. I’m trying to qualify for Nationals. I know if I don’t qualify this year I will definitely qualify next year. Cannot wait. Working hard to hopefully qualify for a spot on my Crossfit team for Regionals next year. The process of succeeding and being great at your sport takes hard work, dedication, and the desire to win. I surround myself with people who share the same goals everyday. That in itself is another drive that pushes me to best I can be. 

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